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About us

Hair Candy Luxury Extensions is a company that provides the most sought out raw extensions in the world. This company prides ourselves on providing top quality hair for each and every one of their customers. We believe that every woman is deserving of a nice, sweet treat in their life, so why not treat yourself to some HairCandy!

Origins of Hair Candy Luxury Extensions Raw Virgin Indian Hair

Hair Candy Luxury Hair Extensions pride ourselves on raw virgin natural Indian hair. Unlike many other vendors who have protrade and saturated the hair market to their customers on selling false raw hair. There is little truth in advertising.  We provide the background information on our raw virgin hair extensions freely so that all might understand a little bit better what type of hair extensions they are using, where hair comes from, and how to identify natural hair.  We pride ourselves on our authenticity. There has been a void for raw Indian hair but there has been a need for good quality and authentic hair. We created Hair Candy Luxury Hair Extensions to provide real authenticity luxury single donor hair to those that want it.  

Single Donor Hair is the purest form of hair.  The hair cuticles on a person’s scalp naturally grow in the same direction.  This helps to prevent an individual’s hair from tangling with itself. When hair is donated, it is put into tightly wrapped ponytails and then shaved utilizing a straight edge razor.  This process ensures that all of the hair that is donated have their cuticles flowing in the same direction.  The only practical way to ensure the cuticles are flowing in the same direction is to ensure all of the hair in a bundle comes from a single donor. 

The Religious Roots of the Donation of Hair

Hindu men, women and children donate their hair to the temples to give thanks for the blessings they have received in their life, and in hopes that it might absolve them of sin.  The donation of hair, above all else, is believed according to their personal Hindu religion to garner favor in the Lord’s eyes and is why it is still a common practice today.  The longer the hair, the greater the sacrifice to the Lord. Few women outside of India donate or sell their hair.  Hair is highly significant to women all over the world, it is their crown, and a universal symbol of femininity. There are very few women in Brazil, Peru, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Russia, and etc. that donate or sell their hair. Collection methods in these countries are often very unethical. There are approximately 1.1 Billion faithful to the Hindu religion within India.  Approximately 30,000 people visit the temple in India daily to donate their hair. In the town of where the temple is located all medicine, food, and housing is free which encourages people to make the pilgrimage to donate their hair and participate in the celebration.

Hair donations are precious to the temple. Raw Indian Hair is typically not all the same length.  When hair grows from the scalp it does not grow in uniform length around the head.  Typically, hair grows longer from the back of the scalp and shorter from the front of the scalp.  If you are looking at a bundle of hair and it is of uniform length, it is likely that it is not natural.  Remember, most manufacturers do not like to waste product.  Cutting hair to a uniform length is not something that is typically done. 

Those strands that look different are different.  When examining hair, remember, it should all look the same. Indian women have black or brown hair. Red, Green or clear strands of hair do not grow from the scalp.  There is the possibility of grey hair, but typically grey hair is sold separately for a premium.  Grey hair is rarely donated as elderly people often stop donating their hair.

Hair candy Extensions Raw Virgin Indian hair  is sourced for the Indian temple and each bundle is sourced from one single donor. It is in its natural form, Its 100% Natural Indian Raw hair unprocessed professional grade and no chemical treated.

It is well known that in India, men and women donate their hair for religious reasons. The practice of shaving hair and offering hair as a sacrifice is known as Tonsuring. he concept of the Hindus who practice this is that they are paying tribute to the God Lord Balaji for the blessings he may have bestowed upon them. It is their way of showing their gratitude. This practice is also symbolic of sacrifice of material beauty and false-ego by one.

The donated hair becomes the property of the temple, and the temple rulers sell these hair to hair manufacturers for cosmetic purposes. The beauty industry who uses the hair for various types of hair pieces. The temples contribute part of the receipts from the sale of hair to the local charities and community service.